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1. Moromonism is NOT a Cult.

“Cult” is a derogatory word given to groups whose doctrines or beliefs society considers deviant, abnormal, or bizarre. Cults are often associated with:

(1) communal living,

(2) brainwashing and mind control,

(3) and high-pressure converting.

Members of our church come from every walk of life and every ethnic and cultural background. They live and serve within their own communities around the world, often donating their time and talents to worthwhile charitable and civic causes. They work and excel in nearly every profession including medicine, technology, education, and the arts. They love their countries, follow the laws of their land, and try to be good neighbors.


We believe it is a God-given right that man has “free-will”, including the right to choose his own actions and beliefs. Although we are led by a prophet and given instructions by church leaders, it is our choice whether to follow their counsel or not. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encourages personal relationships with God, so whenever counsel is given by a church leader, we are encouraged to ask the Lord directly in prayer for confirmation (proof) of that counsel.


The church has a strong missionary program, completely made of volunteers. We believe we are all part of a heavenly family and that the blessings which come from the gospel of Jesus Christ are so precious that we truly want to share them with our brothers and sisters. This is why our young men are willing to donate two years of their lives to spread the gospel, when most young men their age are heading off to college and can't wait to find the next party. Or why older couples are willing to leave their comfortable homes, their children and grandchildren, and at their own expense, travel to third world countries to give humanitarian service.

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