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My name is Wendy Brimhall and I am a great enthusiast of LIFE and all its beautiful possibilities!


I've survived many traumas, dramas, illnesses and calamities in my 56 years-- not only survived them--but I have learned to appreciate them for the precious wisdom I've gained along the way. 

Even now, I faithfully endure a number of chronic illnesses by the grace of God.

Until recently, I was content about my place in life, finding joy in being alive each day, in serving, in loving my God, my family and my neighbors.


After the COVID 19 crisis arose, I felt inspired to reach out and help when I saw the rising confusion, darkness, depression, anxiety, anger.... 

so many of my fellow brothers and sisters 

in this new, growing darkness who might need

a gentle directing light to help them

find a path to walk.


A mentor to help them climb out of the pit of depression or find peace from the terrors of anxiety.  People who may have lost everything or find themselves in a state of change who need

a gentle guiding light so they can find their way through the unknown.


Having been through so many of these things myself and not only SURVIVED,

but THRIVED, so I created

Gentle Light Counseling & Life Coaching

 so I can be that someone if you are ready. 

I would be so honored to be a part of your journey to a lighter, brighter future of enjoyment,

peace and fulfillment.


Or contact me if you have a question

or comment regarding

Gentle Light Counseling

& Life Coaching

(Gentle Light Organization, LLC.)

and I will do

my best to respond in a timely manner.  

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