Organization of

The Church of Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints

LDS Church Organization, Mormon Church Organization
A Bishop is a leader of
a congregation.
His congregation (parish) is called a Ward.

The most senior Apostle, Thomas S. Monson, is the Prophet and President of the Church. He selects two other Apostles to be his counselors, and together they form the

First Presidency.

The Twelve Apostles form

The Quorum of the Twelve and are the second highest governing body.

They oversee the entire Church along with the First Presidency.

All the Apostles are

Special Witnesses of Jesus Christ.

They travel throughout the world proclaiming the gospel as well as  teaching and encouraging vast church memberships and

local leaderships.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is founded upon the same organizational structure as

in the

New Testament.

A Stake President is a leader of a group of wards. 'Stake' is a term found in the

Old Testament which refers to imagery of

a tent (church) being supported by stakes.

Bishops and Stake Presidents have significant local autonomy. They are unpaid and donate substantial time and effort to administer

to the needs of the members and non members

under their care.

To help meet the needs of ward members, members themselves are asked to help by serving in auxiliary organizations such as working with the youth,

or teaching a Sunday School class. All service in the church is unpaid and duties are occasionally rotated.

Seventies trace their origin to the New Testament. They are leaders who assist the Twelve Apostles. They are called to live in various locations around the world, working and serving the people and church. Each Quorum of the Seventy may have up to 70 members.

Prophets are God's Authorized Agents
Prophets are God's Authorized Agents

Prophets are Ordained by God to be His authority on earth. They hold the keys of the Priesthood, which is God's power here on earth, allowing them to bless the lives of others.

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Prophets Testify of Jesus Christ
Prophets Testify of Jesus Christ

Old Testament Prophets testified of the coming of Jesus Christ. Modern day prophets continue to testify of Jesus Christ, and along with all Christians, Mormons look forward to our Savior's Second Coming.

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Prophets Teach and Lead God's People
Prophets Teach and Lead God's People

Prophets receive special instructions from God for the people they lead. God gives us Laws and Commandments to follow. When we follow these commandments, it allows God to bless us.

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Prophets Receive Revelation from God
Prophets Receive Revelation from God

Prophets are the mouthpiece of God and receive revelation from Him for His children here on earth. God does not change, yet circumstances on earth sometimes do. God uses His Prophets to give His people commandments and counsel on how to live so that they can find happiness among earth's trials and tribulations.

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Joseph Smith Was a Prophet of God
Joseph Smith Was a Prophet of God

The church of Jesus Christ was restored to earth along with the keys of authority through the Prophet Joseph Smith.

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We Have a Prophet on Earth Today
We Have a Prophet on Earth Today

Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God, called to lead Christ's church on the earth today.

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Why would God leave us alone in today's troubled world with no new revelation?


In Old Testament times, He would send Prophets to lead the people when things became turbulent...

In today's world full of calamities, violence, disease, wickedness,

and hunger, the Lord has not left us alone without guidance. There is a prophet on the earth today,

Russell M. Nelson.